About Excel English

Excel English caters for primary and secondary students as well as international students (ESOL). For primary-secondary (years 1-12) aged students the focus is on reading, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and grammar. NCEA preparatory courses are also available. Areas covered are Novel Study, Film Study, essay writing and exam preparation. The lessons support the current New Zealand school curriculum. We offer one on one tuition programmes that are catered for each individual student at their own learning level. We can also arrange tuition during the school holidays.          

Excel English also caters for the international community. ESOL programmes are available for international students of all levels and ages. Areas covered are grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading and syntax.                                       

Phonics lessons are available for ages 4-6. Ease your child into the learning process with one on one lessons. Introduce your child to phonics, right from shapes of letters to pronunciation of the alphabet to related vocabulary, which allows children to get a good grip of English phonemic rules.